KammBar Fleet®

A reliable and durable steel roof bar system.

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A reliable and durable roof bar system

The high-tensile alloyed steel construction of Rhino’s KammBar Fleet makes it one of the strongest roof bar systems on the market. Available for a range of commercial vehicles, their stylish and practical design means KammBar Fleet enhance both the of appearance and storage capabilities of any van.

Extremely aerodynamic design

The unique shape of the bar profile is inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm – a pioneering aerodynamicist who established that a teardrop shape such as this is ideal for reducing drag.

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Protected against the elements

The robust high-tensile steel benefits from a inorganic topcoat zinc seal, which protects against the elements even in the harshest of weather conditions.

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Fast fitting with preassembled legs

Supplied with the saddles loosely fastened into place within the legs, allowing for quick and easy fitment.

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Durable and built to last

KammBar Fleet has been rigorously tested by our inhouse team of design engineers to ensure it is strong and robust enough to withstand the challenges of day-to-day usage.

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Additional features

Bespoke fitting

Available in two, three and four bar configurations, the KammBar Fleet comes complete with a fitting kit that includes bespoke pads and spacers, tailored to the mounting points of every vehicle.

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Minimal wind noise

The KammBar Fleet’s aerodynamic shape also almost entirely eliminates wind noise.

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Also available in aluminium

For premium performance in corrosion resistance see our KammBar Pro range, also supplied with two load stops as standard (not included in KammBar Fleet).

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Additional Accessories


To complement the new Kamm range, we have also redesigned our rear roller system – KammRoller. The new KammRoller, compatible with both Fleet and Pro bars, is now more durable and easier-to-fit than ever before.

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Load Stops

The Rhino KammBar Fleet has the option to purchase additional load stops. Load stops help to keep your load secure while the van is in transit, easy to adjust and are constructed of glass filled nylon.

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Beacon Bracket

This bracket is a beacon support that securely holds single & triple bolt fixing beacons in place. It is compatible with all Rhino KammBar Fleet – increasing the functionality of this versatile van roof storage system.

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Technical Fitting Key Features

Bar widths available:

  • 1240mm, 1385mm, 1450mm, 1660mm, 1840mm

Configurations available:

  • 2, 3, 4 bar sets

Assembly and fitting time:

  • 15-30 minutes
Tools For The Job:
  • 10mm spanner, 13mm spanner
  • Allen key (included)

Fitting instructions are supplied with the product, please follow all guidance notes and adhere to specified torque settings during installation.

  • Strong bar profile.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Low wind noise.
  • Bespoke fitment for all popular commercial vehicles.
  • Made from high-tensile alloyed steel.
  • Beacon bracket and rear roller also available.
  • Compatible with all Rhino’s PipeTube Pro, SafeStow4, Ladder Stow and SafeClamp

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